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Explosion-proof Type: EX de, Explosion-proof mark: EX de II C T6 Gb/DIP A21 TA T6, IP66 protection degree, Housing: Copper-free aluminium alloy,Spray on the surface, Closure screen in tempered glass, Aluminum bracket, Stainless steel fasteners Explosion proof lighting refers to lighting fixtures that are designed to prevent sparks or arcs from igniting flammable gases, vapors, or dusts that may be present in the surrounding environment. These fixtures are used in potentially explosive environments such as oil refineries, chemical processing plants, and grain elevators. Explosion proof lighting fixtures are designed to contain any sparks or arcs that may occur within the fixture, preventing them from igniting flammable materials in the surrounding area. These fixtures are typically made of heavy-duty materials such as metal or glass and are sealed to prevent the entry of flammable gases or vapors. There are two main types of explosion proof lighting: Class I and Class II. Class I lighting fixtures are designed for use in environments where flammable gases or vapors may be present, while Class II fixtures are designed for use in environments where combustible dusts may be present. It is important to use the appropriate type of explosion proof lighting in potentially explosive environments to ensure the safety of workers and prevent the risk of fires or explosions.

Project Flow

  • Client
    Communicate the actual situation, and approximate project use and direction.
  • Data Provided
    Customers provide area planning blueprints, as well as ideas and opinions.
  • Proposal
    Liaoyuan company site visits to determine the design program(By the company out of the program, joined the local cultural characteristics, lighting, monitoring, wireless network, environmental monitoring, charging pile, Beidou navigation and other elements.
  • Program Confirm
    I produced a product proofing production, delivery of customer products to confirm.
  • Mass production
    Product program modular mass production, strict quality inspection. After the quality inspection is correct shipping.
  • Package
    The product reaches the designated time designated location, delivered to the customer! Order transaction completed.

Classic global case

Liaoyuan has 1-level construction qualification in city and road lighting. It has emerged a large number of Key projects, such as Hongkong-Zhuwan-Macao Bridge project, Hangzhou Bay Bridge project, Ningbo EMC project, Nanning EMC project, Qingdao Chongqing road project,Hanzhou zijinggang tunnel, Yunnan wukun tunnel project, Mazhao tunnel project, Guangzhou road project, Suzhou jiangyingangcheng road solar energy project, Germany, Netherlands LED road project, Dubai solar energy project, Guinea(Africa) solar energy project, Benin(Africa) solar energy project, Alston(Australia) LED road project.

Ningbo Liaoyuan Group established in 1984, it is becoming an international well-known China Explosion Proof LED Lighting manufacturers and Explosion Proof Lighting company production enterprises, involved in lighting, power distribution, communication, new energy and other fields. We mainly produces and sells high-power LED street lights, high bay lights, explosion-prooflights, 500 watts flood lights, tunnel lights, garden lights, landscape, power pole,communication pole, 4-pipe tower and other products. The company has formed relatively complete product system. Also it has the annual production capability of 700,000 sets of high power green lights. We offer better Explosion Proof Lighting

Company Profile

Ningbo Liaoyuan Group established in 1984, it is becoming an international well-known outdoor lighting and special steel pole production enterprises, involved in lighting, power distribution,communication, new energy and other fields. The headquarters of Ningbo Liaoyuan Lighting Industry Company Limited is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, with three subsidiaries including Süd Solar GmbH(Germany), Liaoyuan Group Lighting(Beijing) Co., LTD. and Ningbo Liaoyuan Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd.
The company is located in South Section,Yuyao Economic Development Zone,Yuyao,Zhejiang,covering an area of 236,000 square meters and owning registered capital of RMB30 million.Company owns 800 staffs,including more than 500 technical person.The company mainly produces and sells high-power LED street lights,high bay lights,explosion-prooflights,500 watts flood lights,tunnel lights,garden lights,landscape,power pole,communication pole,4-pipe tower and other products.The company has formed relatively complete product system.Also it has the annual production capability of 700,000 sets of high power green lights.After nearly 30 years of the industry accumulation,Liaoyuan has established marketing and service network which covering mare than 40 provices and cities nationwide.our customers are in more than 70 countries and regions of the world.Company established good cooperative relationship in research with institions such as Fudan,Tsinghua,Zhejiang University and China.Jiliang University.We have more than 130 patents,,including invention patents,utility model petents and design patents,and we are the "Zhejiang patent demonstration enterprises".


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